If you encounter an error or unable to submit the form please email:bppdrama@gmail.com
You're applying for acting tutor position at BPP Law School for a Drama Society 'Actors Craft'.
About the class: 
-Classes are 2hours each.
-Classes are held once per week.
-Classes are progressive
-Courses last between 4 to 8 weeks depending on the nature of the course. 
-Materials such as games & activities to deliver the class will be provided but we require tutors to bring their own 'craft' to class. 
-Fee inquire within.
-Waterloo & Holborn. 
-Tutors will need to sign terms of work. 
Start date
-Usually two weeks from application date.
About the students
-8-12 students per class. 
-Over 21.
* indicates required
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